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Office on the wheels rental

Having a business meeting or presentation when you are at your workplace is not difficult. A completely different thing is a business trip. You and your colleagues find yourself in a foreign territory with limited access to your organization’s business resources.

A typical hotel room fits more for a relax after a working day than a productive discussion of working issues. And do you really think that the view of yourpersonal belongings in your hotel room or its tightness can strengthen your position in business negotiations or improve your authority?

If the format of work and meetings does not imply a large number of participants (up to 4-5 people), then a reasonable choice would be to rent a presentable vip minibus Sprinter VIP 316 as an office on the wheels.

This is an opportunity to move your office to a comfortable van, look worthy in the eyes of business partners and get the most out of your business trip.
And yes, to some extent, you will be on your own territory.

What's inside? Leather anatomical chairs with 180°rotation, 40x65cm table, USB and 220V sockets, Wi-Fi and climate control. Of course, in the minibus there is a DVD / TV and a microphone for presentations, a refrigerator for drinks, lighting for work and leisure, seat belts for a trip.

Business trips. Your car office

The capital is the center of attraction of large business in any country. However, many who arrive in Belarus on business have to hold business meetings outside the capital, in the regions.

Renting a mobile office on the wheels solves several problems of businessmen on a business trip:The hire contract of our minibus for legal entities (Russian version) can be downloaded from the FAQ/Help page. For English version please contact us by email.